48 Hours in Marrakech

The first time I touched down in Marrakech was about 10 years ago and luckily, a long trip meant I was able to experience plenty of what the gorgeous city had to offer, from afternoons spent on sun-flooded terraces to happy ambles around the labyrinthine souks, it was pretty easy going. More recently, my visit was much shorter so I was determined to pack as much into the weekend as possible. Where to go in Marrakech? If you haven’t shopped in this city’s famous souks, have you ever really shopped? A wander around is a must and depending on where…


MAKER TO KNOW: The Things We Keep

Kay Wang is a designer-maker based in Brooklyn, New York. Handmade jewellery is her speciality, however it would be unfair to pigeonhole her as simply an accessories designer. Kay makes everything; from from linen kitchen towels and beautiful spoons to exceptional made-to-order jewellery, her creations are timeless, useful and beautiful. Since 2011, Kay has been at the helm of The Things We Keep, a minimalist jewellery and homeware business. Inspired by history, heirlooms and the precious treasures we collect during our lifetimes, the brand is a mix of architectural shapes, fairtrade and conflict-free materials and tactile finishes. Having worked in marketing for a fair…


INTERVIEW: Photographer Olga Kott

Olga Kott is a multidisciplinary photographer and image-maker based in London. When she’s not delivering talks to inspire the next generation of creatives, shooting on site with brands and magazines, or creating self-directed work as part of Olga & Kay, Olga travels to all manner of new places in search of inspiration. Having joined me as a speaker at YOUNG GOLD TALKS last year, I caught up with Olga to find out what she’s been working on since then and what a day in the life of a professional photographer looks like… Why photography? How did you discover that you loved…


INTERVIEW: Blogger + Creative Director Chidera Eggerue

Chidera Eggerue, also known by her alias The Slumflower, is a blogger and Creative Director, not to mention a notable social media activist. In all these pursuits she uses creativity and hard-won wisdom to propel and support open conversations about health, happiness, identity and self worth. Always rocking whatever feels good and inspiring others to do the same, it’s easy to admire Chidera for her style, showcased in the brilliant narrative shoots that populate her blog The Slumflower. Last year I invited Chidera to take part in my first talks event at Google Campus, to share her insights on life as a working creative….


Why You Should Visit Quill

If you’re partial to a wander through the historic streets of central or easterly London, you might have spied a white-fronted shop with large Georgian windows boasting a host of inviting displays. Equal parts paper trove and luxe boutique, Quill is a stationery store like no other. Founded in 2012, the shop has grown into a well-loved purveyor of gorgeous products created by independent designer/makers and studios and a hub of creativity, hosting workshops and events. Today having made a decisive mark on London’s creative and commercial scenes with workshops and bespoke services, Quill proudly stocks its own goods as…


Why You Should Shop at my Favourite Indie Store Shedquarters

Shedquarters is an independent shop that I’ve loved, admired and promoted for pretty much as long as it’s been around. Launched in 2014, the store is an online purveyor of stunning, handpicked pieces crafted by talented makers and designers. Run by two lovely people named Hayley and Ross and born from a shared love of high-quality products and contemporary design, the shop is based out of a converted shed in Cambridge, hence its name. ‘We want Shedquarters to be a place where people can come and buy modern homeware at an affordable price’ say founder Hayley. ‘We also want to…


How To Style Up a Rented Home with Cox & Cox

So you live in rented digs. You can’t paint the walls or pull up the carpet lest you face the wrath of your landlord and a lot of the time it feels like the home you’re in doesn’t do a great job of reflecting you, or comforting you in tougher times. Living in a temporary home or rented room can cramp your style, especially if you’re a creative person with a big vision for the space you want live in. Sadly, if you’re renting, you won’t be able to make any massive changes to your home, but you can make…