BRAND TO KNOW: Karen Mabon


Karen Mabon is a total gem. By fusing bold illustration, pop culture, high-style and luxury design using bright colours, amazing images and gorgeous fabrics to create stand-out scarves that frankly, we’d just as happily hang on our walls than wear to the shops, she’s won a place in our hearts. Karen’s creations inhabit the space somewhere between art and fashion. The narratives throughout her work are unexpected and feature hand-drawn characters inspired by anything from the streets of London to Hitchcock’s classic films.

Hailing from the Black Isle, Scotland, Karen Mabon’s amazing creations are inspired by the pop culture references, the likes of which kept her creative ideas flowing on rainy days spent at Edinburgh College of Art, honing her skills. Having studied at London’s Royal College of Art, Karen’s work can be found in inspiring stores all over the world and her brilliant designs have seen her featured by publications such as Vogue and Grazia. She’s also teamed up with the likes of the V&A, Universal Pictures and Vogue 100.

Foxes dining out of dustbins, scenes from vintage lidos and Tippi Hedren freaking out in the face of a bunch of evil seagulls, every reference point is instantly recognisable and magical in its own way and these scarves, cushions and pyjama sets are made from wonderfully luxe materials to boot. 

Find more here

Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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