BRAND TO KNOW: Datter Industries by Kaye Blegvad

Datter Industries has released a new collection of rough and rustic jewellery trinkets, but the creative behind the designs has re-located back to the UK after a stint in her Brooklyn pad. Illustrator, artist and jeweller, Kaye Blegvad, now has studios on both sides of the pond where she hand-makes her unique and delightful bits and bobs and her 2014 collection is now ready for us.

This new batch of jewel-art features pieces developed from older ideas, with repeated motifs, expansions and old patterns broken down to simpler forms, plus plenty of brand new innovations too. Geometric shapes transform a classic chunky necklace into something abstract and bewitching, while wreath-like patterns meld natural themes with bronze and silver bangles. Kaye calls it ‘narrative jewellery’, celebrating each piece’s story through its imperfections; there’s a definitive shabby chic element that makes us weak at the knees.

All of Kaye’s new work is displayed in a photographic lookbook by experimental artist Sabine Timm, who uses everyday trash, hunks of wood and lush greenery to support and embellish the jewellery. Elegant rings and earcuffs perch atop bottle tops that appear, strangely, almost edible. A tiny but deceptively sharp pendant daggers its way through a green leaf and another necklace is wrapped around an flower cutting, with its bronze bug resting on the plume.

Such creative photography brings these new pieces to life, and placing nature next to rubbish seems kind of appropriate here. There’s nothing at all pretentious, no holier-than-thou branding or statement chunks of glitz. Just artistic pieces that mirror the everyday world around us, sit peacefully on the body and draw us in for a second glance, and then maybe a third.

Find more here

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