READ: Strange Plants by Zioxla

strange plants

Strange Plants is a stunning celebration of a few of our favourite things, in book form. It is, as you might imagine, an exploration of the great value of plants in the everyday lives of creatives. We love this concept and were thrilled to discover more about the latest edition. The book has been so vastly popular that getting your hands on a first edition is a pretty unlikely feat, however, a second has been recently released. As we turn the pages, we’re met with stories of the many roles and influences that our little green friends have had upon a group of 25 talented artists and the work that they produce.

The publication is a real thing of beauty, featuring diverse images of the plant world, from paintings of decomposing cacti and potted house-plants, to bright collages and surreal photographs of kudzu vines. It also promises in-depth discussions of the importance of plants, their meanings and their impact upon the personal lives of creatives, and intensely pleasing and varied design from page to page. For all those who seek out nature and need at least a spider plant on their desk or a few hardy succulents in their workspace, this is one for you.

Strange Plants was initially published last year by Zioxla, a creative agency and independent publishing house founded by Zio Baritaux. Zio’s editorial eye and expertise in arts publishing has transformed enchanting accounts and images from the 25 artists involved to produce one very special book. We love the bold explorations of plant species in various media and urge you to read through each personal explanation of how nature’s presence is felt and interpreted by all manner of green-fingered creative souls. Our advice after one look at Strange Plants? Get out there and discover the natural world around you. You may just feel inspired.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth