Why You Should Visit Harringay Local Store


Harringay Local Store is a rare gem. Their ‘Not Another Tesco’ slogan, and impressive collection of useful, UK produce holds the store up as a great example of conscientious independent shops popping up around the country. There’s quite a long list of things we love about this place, not least it’s honest, yet slightly tongue-in-cheek oldie worldie title. Firstly, the store, owned by Ebony and Paul Harding, stocks fresh, organic food, much of it vegetarian and vegan, bread from local bakeries, drinks from London breweries, and odds and ends from local businesses, including Wildes Cheese which is made in Tottenham.

The store’s ethos is focussed on two things, selling things made by people who care about what they are producing, and the fact that Paul, a DJ always dreamed of opening a record shop. So, the Harringay Local Store began its work as an old-fashioned community grocer’s shop that sells a great selection of vinyl. Keen to make a positive impact on the area, the shop uses only recyclable paper bags and aims to promote community spirit, a great idea given that Harringay is already home to a burgeoning creative community and is also under threat from local councils and redevelopment plans. Keeping the independent stores of the area alive, supporting local businesses by stocking their goods, and creating a welcoming atmosphere is exactly what new stores should be about.

With the help of designers Bold & Bold, Kathryn Mazure, and Meagan Roberts the shop’s interior is pretty beautiful. A contemporary take on the traditional British Open All Hours stores, everything looks sweet and simple. We suggest all you North Londoners swing by to say hello, enjoy a drink, a browse, and pick up a few local treats. While you’re at it, support other independents in your area, we’re pretty sure their produce is just as delicious, if not more so, than Tesco’s.

Open everyday 9am – 8pm

581c Green Lanes, London N8 0RG

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth