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A walk through central London usually proffers sightings of tourists, loads of them, walking gaily along in droves. While we jet down Oxford Street at light-speed or hare past our iconic department stores there are hordes of people who’ve come out especially to see these places and take away a few special memories.

Usually, tourists pick up a little something to remind them of a trip to London, and usually these keepsakes are pure tat; see London bus fridge magnets and Union Jack selfie sticks. We’ve all seen our share of terrible souvenirs and generally, we tend to accept their naffness. One shop on a very famous street, however, is attempting to change our minds.

Perched on the avenue that housed a British style revolution is We Built This City, a store offering tourists and locals alike an alternative to cringeworthy souvenirs. Carnaby Street is a London landmark so where better to open a gift shop? Actually, the term gift shop is an understatement. We Built This City, founded by entrepreneur Alice Mayor, is so much more than that. Proving London’s salt as a cultural capital, the shop sells anything from books on modern art to Perky Blinders London-made coffee and screen prints for your walls.

In fact, the shop is a great place to shop for art in general. Working closely with the city’s artists and illustrators, We Built This City stock an impressive selection of prints, posters and limited editions which they’ll also frame for you. Keep up with this game-changing store on their colourful Instagram feed and say hello on Twitter too.


Open 10am – 7pm Monday – Wednesday,  10am – 8pm Thursday – Saturday  and 12 noon – 6pm Sunday

56 Carnaby Street, London W1F 9QF


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Words: Emily Beeson | @boogiemargaret

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