BRAND TO KNOW: Pirates & Violets


Crafting bespoke shopping baskets and woven pouches, Pirates & Violets is an independent, family-run business based in Yorkshire. Every design is made from natural fibres and attributed with great touches, such as pastel-toned pom-poms, tassels and hand-painted stripes and monograms.

Inspired by classic French style and the sun, sea and sandy beaches of exotic coastlines, the oversized basket bags tap into one of this summer’s big trends but we like it most for it’s ethos.

With an eco-friendly and sustainable attitude towards running an indie business, Pirates & Violets is partnered with a team of mothers in Morocco. These women work from home, earning a fair living wage crafting each bag whilst caring for their children and families.

The bigger bag’s handles are made from recycled leather, attached in Morocco and then sent to the UK to be embellished by founder Lisa Lewis in Yorkshire. From beach totes bearing bunnies and lettering to personalised chevron clutches with super-cool tassel pulls and mini matching versions for the kids, Pirates & Violets is as much about family as it is about fashion.

The P & V Instagram feed is a real treat, showcasing a great range of collaboratively-made pastel accessories, cute kids, lifestyle and interiors ideas and works in process. Keep up with Lisa, her creations and new design ideas on Facebook and get in touch for unique commissions.




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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth