A Story of Hope for Winter: I’m #WithOxfam


Here at YOUNG GOLD TEETH we’re counting down to Christmas, but it’s not all tinsel and gift lists on our minds. Having taken part in some truly inspiring events this month, our dedication to social enterprises and worthy causes has been allowed to grow and we’re turning our attention to the ways we can give back over the festive season. We’ve therefore teamed up with Oxfam to share a story with you, one that celebrates and supports creativity and sheds light on how commitment to a craft has the power to turn lives around.

In this story, we follow Burundi-born Ndayizeye Buchumi, a man determined to thrive. Oxfam helped Buchumi when he needed support, ensuring that his creativity could help him to succeed against the odds in the Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania where he now lives with his wife and children. No stranger to the idea of learning new skills and taking on challenges, Buchumi used to be a teacher but after his local schools were closed down due to the violence and unrest in Burundi, he took things into his own hands and began to learn how to sew. Buchumi now works as a tailor in Nyarugusu, using his expertise to craft unique clothing, earning him a living wage.

While Buchumi’s creativity and positive attitude is inspiring, it of course, hasn’t been an easy journey for him. The refugee camps in Tanzania are overcrowded and under-resourced with so many new arrivals from neighbouring places where life can be tumultuous and dangerous. Oxfam is working to change that, and now as the season of goodwill approaches, we thought it a good idea to draw your attention to how they’re supporting people like Buchumi break away from poverty and deal with the effects of upheaval and how you can help.

Whether you’ve got a little or a lot to give, a small donation to Oxfam of £2.50 can give a family 25 sachets with which to treat dirty water, enough to make around 500 litres of water safe and supply a family of four for a month. £20 could provide something great, access to a composting toilet which will help to prevent disease and give people living in emergency camps the dignity they deserve. Lastly, £24 could give a family with the tools, seeds and training to set up an allotment, ensuring they can eat sustainably and well; something we perhaps take for granted, especially at this time of year.

Now, for the really impressive part of this story of hope. Every donation to Oxfam makes a real difference and we can see this in the 11.6 million people a year the charity helps. That’s people in 51 countries around the world, people like Buchumi and people like his wife and four children too. The work Oxfam does is life changing, which is why we’re so passionate about sharing it with you. Everybody deserves to use their talents to live a stable, happy life, to embrace their creativity and to leave free from harm. We’re with Oxfam in the fight against hardship and poverty and we hope that this year, you’ll join us too.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth