Give Artisan Gifts with Inka London


As you know, I love a unique gift especially if it’s lovingly arranged, carefully presented and unquestionably creative. With the holidays on the way, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what my loved ones enjoy, about designer-makers and independent businesses and about different and interesting ways to gift.

Christmas hampers are a staple but let’s face it, they’re usually filled with sugar and booze and rarely feature anything handmade. Now, imagine my surprise and delight upon discovering a collection of beautifully curated gift boxes filled with lovely handmade, independently created or expertly designed items.

Inka London is a creative collective and gifting service inspired by minimalism, talented creatives and a touch of the sublime. Catering to our love for precious things and sensory experiences, each box is a visual treat and contains a selection of items tailored to the recipient. My current favourite is the Detox Box which includes a hand poured candle from my friends Essence + Alchemy, fresh scrubs and delicate ceramics; just a few of the things I really enjoy.

I could go on about the contents of Inka London’s gift boxes forever but for now, we feel its important to share another of the reasons I’ve got love for them. I always appreciate a commitment to supporting handmade and individual products however, I’m also a fan of sustainable, small batch creations.

Inka London’s ethos rests on the idea that everything in a gift box should be fair and kind to the makers, recipients and the environment so independent and ethical makers their only suppliers. I dig that.

So, whether your friends and family members, partner or the manager you really like is into coffee, meditation, cleanses, stationery or tea, there’ll definitely be a selection to suit them from Inka London. Just don’t open the box yourself because once you’ve spied the delectable treasures inside we guarantee you won’t be able give it away.

Follow Inka London’s beautiful creations on their Instagram feed and make friends on Twitter to share your own handmade items and find out more about gift boxes.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @boogiemargaret