The Five Best Vegan Pizza Spots in London

Vegan pizza can really be hit or miss. Luckily, the fair city of London has high standards when it comes to both Italian and V-friendly fare so rest assured that these five spots will leave nothing to the imagination.

Voodoo Rays

The ideal spot to sate a craving and discover heart-warmingly good veggie and vegan options, Voodoo Rays blends expertise in toppings with a downtown diner aesthetic. Visit the restaurant in Dalston, the new spot in Peckham or stop by the Boxpark or Camden pop-ups for New York-style pizza by the giant slice, bottled beer and fresh ingredients. Don’t forget those frozen margaritas, should you feel so inclined.

Wedge Issue

A laid-back Italian-inspired bar and eatery based in Clerkenwell, Wedge Issue’s menu offers not one but six vegan pizza options. Load up on spicy seitan and dairy-free cheese and wash it all down with craft beer. Further east? Swing by the Wedge Issue residency in Shoreditch and sample the vegan pasta dishes too.


High street staple Zizzi’s launched a vegan menu last year and since then, I’ve relied heavily on its offering for easy meals out with friends and family. The restaurant has created its very own vegan cheese to top its pizzas and it’s melty, creamy and delicious. Just ask for the vegan menu next time you visit.

Franco Manca

Though Franco Manca is well known, it’s still a special place. Unspoilt by the success of its well-loved menu, visiting any of the restaurants across the city proffers the same delectable flair. Select your sourdough base’s thickness and take your pick from seasonal UK-sourced toppings. This place is ever the crowd-pleaser.

Pizza Express

With 470 restaurants in the UK alone, vegan or not, you’re never far from a Pizza Express. There’s even one in my parent’s home town. The chain’s vegan Gardenia pizza with faux mozzarella has proven to be a lifeline on many occasions and I have to applaud a massive chain like this for catering to those who choose to eat vegan.


Words: Emily Beeson | @boogiemargaret

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