Six Easy Ways To Cut Down On Using Plastic Every Day

I love April. The weather invariably affects my mood throughout winter so towards the end of March I start getting jazzed about the onset of bright sunshine and anticipating how good I’ll feel when I see blossom-heavy trees lining my street. April is also my birthday month so I know I’ll get the opportunity to hear from people I love and that generally, people will be nicer to me than usual, which I obviously look forward to.

My birthday is 23 April but as I’m a hippy at heart, the day before is always pretty important to me too; 22 April is Earth Day. I usually spend mid-April trying my best to be mindful of how lucky I am, thinking about my achievements and how I can do better in the year ahead and there are always one or two Earth Day-related goals on my list.

Last year, after being inspired by a talk by Sustainably Vegan blogger Immy at The Trampery, I tried to get into the zero waste lifestyle. I didn’t manage to go full zero waste, but I made some pretty successful adjustments that meant I was throwing way less in the bin and recycling a hell of a lot more. This year I was determined to do even more so I equipped myself with a few tools to make the process a bit easier.

I partnered up with the lovely team at Steamer Trading Cookshop to try out their Reduce & Reuse range. Created in response to the frankly shocking statistic that over 50% of the plastic we buy in the UK is just used once and then thrown away, this collection of bits and pieces makes low eco-impact living much, much easier. I for one, don’t really have the time to dedicate hours and hours to zero waste prep, nor can I be bothered to lug a ton of stuff around in my bag every day, so I found Steamer Trading’s collection really helpful.


I used to buy bottled water all the time because London’s tap water sent shivers down my spine – I’m too precious, I know – but I’ve found that charcoal filters do a great job of purifying tap water. I’ve now been carrying tap water around in a beautiful rose-gold water bottle – you might have spotted it on my Instagram – which is much lighter than the glass one I was using and far less breakable.

Some other highlights from Steamer Trading’s collection were soft silicone lunch boxes and cutlery. Super flexible, easy to clean and designed to stack, these little space savers were perfect for prepping and carrying lunches and snacks. Shout out to the collapsible coffee cups that fit perfectly in my tiniest and most ridiculous handbags, truly things of wonder.

When you acknowledge that plastic takes anywhere from 500 to 1000 years to fully degrade and just floats around in the sea or piles up in landfill craters, the facts seem pretty mortifying. One of the worst offenders for plastic waste in the UK is actually plastic wrap like sandwich bags and clingfilm.

Now, this isn’t vegan because it’s made with bee’s wax but if you’re ok with that, it’s pretty amazing. A reusable alternative to plastic wrap, this stuff is made from organic cotton and is perfect for wrapping up food to keep it fresh.

It’s been much easier to cut down on plastic with these tools and there’s no chance of feeling like the geek with the lunchbox at work – everything is design-led, ergonomic and made to be beautiful as well as useful. You can shop for some lovely bits and pieces to to help cut down on plastic waste on the Steamer Trading Cookshop website.

Plus, to celebrate Earth Day you can get 20% off. Just enter the code: ACEBOOGIE20 at the checkout.

I’d love to know which pieces you pick from the collection, how you get on and if these tools and tips help you. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. this has been a goal of mine for a while. i even have a straw i carry with me so when i go out to eat or fast food i have my own!

  2. These are some great tips! My family and I have been staying away from plastic bottles as well!

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