How Often Do You Have A Facial And How Often Do You Need One?

When I was 23 I had never had a facial in my life. Not one single skin treatment of any kind, but to be fair, I hadn’t yet moved to London, I knew nothing about skincare and my hormones hadn’t decided to send my face into meltdown. Obviously when I turned 25 things were a little different so I began looking into deep cleansing treatments for my pores, which were super clogged due to a rubbish skincare routine, travelling on the underground and wearing foundation every day.

Over the last few years I’ve learnt how to manage my adult spots, ditched foundation, established a relatively reliable skincare routine and of course, had a bunch of facials. I really do believe that a regular detox and deep clean can dramatically boost your skin’s health, help you feel good and give you a natural glow. Obviously I exfoliate at home using a Foreo and a mix of AHA and BHA products and the occasional scrub but let’s be honest, there are things an expert facialist can do for my skin that I simply can’t.

I used to treat myself to a facial treatment every couple of months but recently learnt that more a regular skin detox can be way more effective in evening out skin complexion, boosting collagen, reducing blockages, breakouts and scarring and maintaining a healthy glow. I decided to step things up a notch and see if more regular facials might make a difference.

I get my hair done by the amazing team at Neville over in Belgravia – you might have seen the gorgeous balayage they created for me on my Instagram. My stylist told me about the salon’s Facial Bar, a new space dedicated to skincare launched by the salon’s Founder and derma specialist Dr. David Jack so obviously I booked in for a facial to try it out and see if I might be able to work more regular treatments into my routine to test the theory I’d read about.


The whole concept behind the Facial Bar is ‘Beauty in a Flash’ so treatments are affordable, quick and results driven meaning you can book in as often as you need to in order to hit the reset button and give your skin a little TLC. This is just great if you’re busy because there’s no downtime, no faff and treatments are usually between 30 minutes to 60 minutes long.

My derma issues are generally that I get congested easily and my skin can get a little dry and dull so I road tested the Signature Facial – a gentle mix of cleansing and exfoliation followed by a 10 minute lymphatic stimulating massage,Vitamin C and SPF to finish.. I left the salon glowing and really looking forward to my next treatment, not least because I’m weak for a face massage from a pro.

It’s also worth me mentioning here that the Facial Bar caters to all women, regardless of skin type or tone. There are a lot of places that don’t offer inclusive services so it was great to see a menu of treatments that took all women’s skincare needs into consideration and so nice to chat with professionals who could make suggestions and give expert advice.

Many women view taking care of their skin and hair as part of their overall wellness and I’m on board with that idea. Plus, being able to get a regular skin treatment and get my hair done in the same afternoon by one of the most talented teams in London for a reasonable price? Ideal.

Great skin obviously requires upkeep so changing the way we think about and take care of our bodies and encouraging us to check in more regularly to make sure they’re healthy is definitely a positive move from Neville. I’ll report back on my progress with more regular facials soon but in the meantime, let me know what you think in the comments below and take a little look at the Facial Bar menu and book in to give your winter skin a little extra love.

*Treatment gifted.

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