Mythbusting With Facial Aesthetics Expert Dr Krystyna

On the whole I take pretty good care of my skin. I use retinol, face masks and I always take my make up off before bed. But still, I occasionally get horrible hormonal break outs and I live in London so my skin is up against a hell of a lot of pollution. I’ve spoken about how much I like getting a regular facial in the past but to be honest, I always opt for something pretty superficial. That was until I got talking to a lovely doctor I know about glycolic peels and skin treatments that go a little deeper than your average cleanse and tone.

I booked in to see Dr Krystyna Wilczynski for a thirty minute Glow Peel and we chatted beauty secrets, safe procedures, perfect smiles and aesthetics myths. Known to her fans, and she has many, as Dr K, Krystyna is the resident medical aesthetics expert at Blush + Blow on the New King’s Road and at Primrose Hill’s NuYu clinic. A qualified cosmetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetician, Dr K is a member of The British Dental Associate, The Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Dental Surgery and the International Team for Implantology. She’s also one of the nicest, most down-to-earth doctors you’re likely to meet, which really helped put me at ease during my first ever facial peel.

‘Throughout my career I’ve been dedicated to beauty and aesthetic treatment and I’ve trained at prestigious academies in both New York and London Harley Street’ she tells me. ‘I’m extremely focused on delivering high quality enhancements in both facial rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry to deliver undetectable, natural looking results. I think my unique approach highlights the way the aesthetic industry has evolved and I really enjoy creating bespoke ‘tweakment’ aesthetic packages specifically tailored to each of my patients.’

In recent years we’ve seen a real shift away from the popularly-held view that if you’ve had ‘work done’ it’s plainly obvious. Aestheticians are hugely talented when it comes to making tiny adjustments to enhance and highlight natural beauty and with a background in dentistry, Dr K is one of the best. While she neutralised the skin on my face and prepped it for a solution of glycolic acid, Krystyna and I chatted about injectables. ‘What do you think about the recent boom in the popularity?’ I asked her.

‘Well, there’s been a huge rise in non-surgical beauty and a subsequent decrease in cosmetic surgery. Non-Surgical injectables include botox and fillers but also lots of other treatments like skin-booster injections, fat dissolving injections and chemical peels, like the one we’re doing today.’ She told me, ‘Many of my clients come to me because they don’t want huge surgeries like facelifts and thanks to the wonders of botox we can prevent lines developing over time rather than doing anything radical. Botox and lip fillers to restore lost volume and hydration are generally the most popular treatments and they require very little downtime.’


While the Glow Peel was tingling on the surface of my skin, I asked Krystyna about botched lip fillers and young women being injected with fake, uncertified product by unlicensed beauticians. I’ve heard a lot of stories about this sort of thing and these worrying tales have obviously given these kinds of treatments quite a negative reputation.

‘I think this is just shocking’ says Dr K. ‘It’s basically down to the industry being unregulated and the general public having a lack of education about facial aesthetics. I am a certified dentist and facial aesthetician and have been training and refining my skills for over 10 years. I am insured and registered and all the products I used are prescribed and licensed. The anatomy knowledge required in order to administer safe injectables is vast and therefore treatment should only be performed by medical professionals.

She starts to remove the solution from my face and honestly, I feel like I’ve just been born. At this point I’m pretty chilled out and have been enjoying all the attention but Dr K’s words make me super aware of my surroundings. ‘I’d be highly concerned if a clinic was offering cheap botox and fillers’ she says, ‘and I’d wonder what products they were using, if the injector was properly qualified and if the clinic was clean and hygienic. It’s so important for people to do their research and to only decide on treatment/practitioner once they have the relevant knowledge and information.’

Conversation moved from my skin and how lovely the treatment room at Blush & Blow looked, to my teeth, as I’ve been thinking about getting braces for a while and I’d visited Dr K. at the end of 2018 for a Beam Whitening session. ‘What about cosmetic dentistry?’ I ask. ‘Lots more young women are asking for veneers these days, aren’t they? Do you really think they need them? What are the alternatives?’

‘Veneers are a very popular request in my clinics but obviously there are many other, more conservative options available and everyone’s different. I offer smile design packages which incorporate a number of different treatment modalities to achieve the client’s desired result. I use a mix of Invilsaign, whitening and cosmetic composite bonding along with veneers if they’re needed. So generally, I’ll advise on the best package for each person, rather than just fixing a young woman up with veneers because she’s asked for them.’

I’ve worked with a few doctors in the past and they all have one thing in common – they really take the time to listen and the consultation is a huge part of their process. Now that injectables, veneers and other facial treatments are becoming more commonplace and accessible, I hear about a lot of women who feel uncomfortable about themselves and head to a practitioner to receive a stock set of treatments to boost their confidence. The aestheticians that provide treatments without considering an individual’s mental health, their unique needs and their lifestyles aren’t generally the sorts of people I’d want to trust so I love the fact that Dr K is super dedicated to helping women feel more comfortable and confident. She puts a lot of work into her practice in this respect and it shows.

‘Exercise, balance, me-time – it’s all essential for dealing with overwhelm’ she tells me. ‘After a long day of treat- ing patients its my release to try and rebalance and have ME time. It’s so important to have avenues and outlets for your mental clarity, otherwise one can get bogged down with work, comparing themselves to others and it can all feel overwhelming. My best advice, treatments or no treatments, is to take care of yourself, inside and out. I wear Heliocare SPF 50 every day under my make up, brush my teeth with an electric tooth brush and good fluoride toothpaste twice a day and I exercise every day. It’s simple, but it works.’

You can book consultations and treatments with Dr K at NuYu in Primrose Hill and at her primary clinic Blush + Blow in Parsons Green. To see what she’s up to and learn more about her treatments and processes, follow her on Instagram and show her some love. FYI my skin is now glowing, honeys.

*Treatment gifted.

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