Why Choosing A Decent Lube Matters + 10 Of The Best…

Lube is having a moment and thank the gods, because it’s just the best. Sadly, we’ve been peddled rather a negative view on personal lubricant over the years and it’s generally been perceived as the preserve for dry old ladies and sexual deviants – bizarre that a single product could serve to benefit both these demographics simultaneously, right? Well, the old slip’n’slide has been rebranded as what it should have been all along – a health and wellness essential that every woman should have in her line-up.

Think about it – we spend a ton on creams, serums and treatments for our faces, ensuring the ingredients are natural, non-toxic and will leave us smooth as a moth’s nose, but we generally don’t extend the same courtesy to our vulvas and vaginas, despite them being pretty sensitive areas.

My general rule of thumb has always been: if you wouldn’t eat it or put it on your face, don’t put it on your bits. But it’s long been difficult to recognise what ingredients to look out for and what might work best. After all, no two women are the same.

Lube makes sex and solo play more fun for everyone and can really help with supercharging your confidence and improving your sexual health. I’m really not a fan of anyone who suggests that improving sensation, intimacy and self esteem is ever a bad thing and let’s be honest, shaming any woman for not being able to bring forth waterfalls on command is just dumb. So go forth, enrich your bits and have better orgasms with these 10 products, because there’s absolutely zero shame in that.

Foria Awaken

My first pick and personal favourite is Foria’s Awaken. It is a total gamechanger. Made from a blend of coconut oil, CBD oil and active ingredients like peppermint and cinnamon, this lubricant is the one. Helping to relax your downstairs whilst simultaneously boosting blood flow and sensitivity, it comes in a brilliant little spray bottle in luxe white and gold. As it’s oil based it can’t be used with latex condoms but is wonderful for everything else.

Smile Makers

You probably know that Smile Makers is my go-to brand for beautifully-designed, educational and non tacky toys, but did you know they also make lube? Little Light Liquid has a really nice glide and is great for sensitive skin. ‘Generous Gel’ is a weightier option and is pretty damn viscous for a water-based lube so is a great all-rounder, won’t make a ton of mess and can be used with latex condoms.

Raw Coconut Oil

Good old fashioned coconut oil heats to body temperature and melts into the skin which is an amazing feeling all of its own. This is a natural, moisturising option that’s great for solo play and general body moisturising. Use it all over your body but avoid using with condoms as it will compromise the latex. My personal pick is cold-pressed organic coconut oil by Pure Raw’s Skinny Coconut Collection.

sex-lubricants-ace-and-boogie sex-lubricants-ace-and-boogie


Lelo are leading the way when it comes to modernising the sex industry. Their Personal Moisturiser is tastefully packaged and is super rich and creamy so it doubles up as a lubricant and a moisturiser. You can shop the whole Lelo range including sleek, ergonomic toys at Noisy Project – one of my favourite sex-positive shops.

Durex Naturals

Durex have dominated the mainstream sex industry in the UK for many years but with so many amazing new options on offer, they’ve had to innovate fast to keep up. Their Durex Naturals aloe lube is actually really good for your sensitive lady parts and is slightly more affordable than some of the other options on this list so great if you’re on a budget.


YES is a water-based brand which I’m not super into myself because I don’t love the texture, however, their product is available in handy mini applicators so if you struggle with dryness, these are great for addressing any internal friction that might stop you from enjoying yourself to the full. YES is an organic brand and the various products are all super simple, light and silky and all are made with natural ingredients.

Fat and the Moon

Another of my personal favourites is Fat and the Moon’s Kooch Quench. Made from coconut oil with chamomile and lavender, again, you can’t use this oil-based lubricant with latex condoms but if you’re having condom-less experiences it’s just wonderful. Also contains beeswax so it’s not vegan but it’s all-natural and makes for a great remedy for dry skin down there too.

Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary makes a shit-hot product called Sex Oil which is a little hard to come by in the UK but you can by it online from the Free People website. Made from, you guessed it, my personal fave, coconut oil and evening primrose oil, non GMO Vitamin E and rosemary, it smells and feels incredible. Obviously, as we’ve previously discussed, this can’t be used with latex but it’s great for going to town on yourself or your partner where no latex is involved.


You might have already heard of Sylk if you’ve been for a sexual health check up lately. Side note: well done for getting checked out. Sachets of this stuff are readily available from NHS clinics and the lube itself is free from parabens and hormones. Personally, I don’t vibe with Sylk because my body isn’t a fan of the kiwi fruit or any of its derivatives and this stuff is made from kiwi extract. However, if you do get on with it, it’s a sound choice because this extract has the exact same pH level as your vagina and the consistency is extremely close to the natural lubrication produced by the human body. Plus, it’s water based so latex condoms are A-OK.

After Midnight

My final recommendation is a brilliant CBD-infused lube by After Midnight called SCREAM. The product is made in the UK from coconut oil, almond oil and CBD isolate and it’s the actual best. If you’ve gotten to the end of this post and are still wondering what CBD is, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s a natural compound that comes from the cannabis plant responsible for making you feel calm and relaxed, conversely to THC which is the psychoactive compound that can make you feel anxious.

CBD has been proven to ease pain, relax the body and improve sensation so it’s a miracle ingredient for something like lube. Especially if you struggle with dyspareunia AKA painful sex, vaginismus, sexual anxiety, dryness or post-sex irritation. Using a CBD-infused lubricant will help to relax your vagina, improve sensation around your vulva and encourage those happy hormones to flow. It’s not for everyone, and there are plenty of other options on this list to try if that doesn’t sound like your jam. But do me a favour and just try it once. Let me know what you think in the comments below, honeys.

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