Meet The Creators Of The Vegan Condom Brand Created By Women For Women

If you’ve ever been to buy pack of condoms in a public place and not felt some unpleasant mingling of ‘this is so cringe’, ‘please stop looking at me’ and ‘I cannot be bothered with this BS today’ then you have something in common with an overwhelming majority of women living in the UK. It’s not exactly a revelation that products meant to enhance and improve our sexual wellbeing have mainly been marketed at men for the last few decades. This has of course resulted in some pretty garish packaging and some questionable choices of adjective in marketing materials. The…


Why We Need To Stop Pretending Body Confidence Is Simply A State Of Mind

Sometimes we all wish we could change things about ourselves and often, when other people say things like, ‘you’re beautiful, you don’t need to change’ or ‘you’re a good looking girl, it could be worse’ it’s disarming, it’s frustrating and it doesn’t help. We all have days where we don’t feel good in our own skin, some of us more than others. It might be that you dislike your nose and can’t help but focus on it whenever you see a photo of yourself, or it could be that you struggle with a more serious issue in accepting yourself and…


What Is Sleep Wellness And How Can It Help With Your Health?

The concept of ‘wellness’ is a pretty broad one by all accounts. I’ve tried all kinds of things in an attempt to glow as hard as G-Paltrow, Gooping up my life to the extreme in the name of beauty and wellness blogging. Some things of course, have failed to leave me feeling any healthier, happier or more zen than before but others have been truly life changing. My latest foray into the world of wellness concerns sleep. We all know that lack of sleep affects the body negatively – from general fatigue to skin problems, anxiety to glycemic issues –…


Why We Should All Be Sex Positive

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen a couple of posts pop up in recent weeks that are, well, a bit sexy. I debated whether or not I should go ahead with these posts, concerned that they might lose me a few followers or give people the wrong impression, but then I realised, these were the very reasons I should be posting content about sexuality, relationships and female pleasure. The very fact that I had to think twice, or that I was worried about what people might think hints at a problem: the problem of shame culture. This is…


Chidera Eggerue Creator of #saggyboobsmatter on beauty, blogging and speaking your truth

Chidera Eggerue, also known by her alias The Slumflower, is a blogger, social media activist and creator of the #saggyboobsmatter movement. In all these pursuits she uses creativity and hard-won wisdom to propel and support open conversations about health, happiness, identity and self worth. Always rocking whatever feels good and inspiring others to do the same, it’s easy to admire Chidera for her style, showcased in the brilliant narrative shoots that populate her blog The Slumflower. Back in 2016 I invited Chidera to take part in my first talks event at Google Campus, to share her insights on life as a working creative….


The Truth About Fillers And Botox

Working in fashion and beauty is a weird one. You’re constantly navigating the cracks and chasms between ever-shifting paradigms and trying to decide where you stand with regards to the week’s bizarre controversies. I’ve always had pretty strong views about beauty and body agency but in recent months, the onslaught of op-eds, vlogs and tweets about fillers and botox just floored me. I wondered how I could ever make my mind up about this stuff with so much contradictory information doing the rounds. Everyone I knew had a different opinion on non surgical beauty treatments, and despite these kinds of…


How I Manage The Surprise Skin Problems That Started in My Twenties

When it comes to my skin, I’ve always been lucky. Instead of my teenage years being blighted by acne, I had baby-smooth skin that happily endured all manner of products packed with irritants. Ok, I was super pale and often streaked with orange after fake tan mishaps, but for the most part my complexion was pretty good. I can probably count the number of really bad spots I’ve had as a teenager on one hand and that’s no lie. But this isn’t a post about my great skin as a teenager, it’s about my skin now. As soon as I…