INTERVIEW: Photographer Olga Kott

Olga Kott is a multidisciplinary photographer and image-maker based in London. When she’s not delivering talks to inspire the next generation of creatives, shooting on site with brands and magazines, or creating self-directed work as part of Olga & Kay, Olga travels to all manner of new places in search of inspiration. Having joined me as a speaker at YOUNG GOLD TALKS last year, I caught up with Olga to find out what she’s been working on since then and what a day in the life of a professional photographer looks like… Why photography? How did you discover that you loved…


INTERVIEW: Blogger + Creative Director Chidera Eggerue

Chidera Eggerue, also known by her alias The Slumflower, is a blogger and Creative Director, not to mention a notable social media activist. In all these pursuits she uses creativity and hard-won wisdom to propel and support open conversations about health, happiness, identity and self worth. Always rocking whatever feels good and inspiring others to do the same, it’s easy to admire Chidera for her style, showcased in the brilliant narrative shoots that populate her blog The Slumflower. Last year I invited Chidera to take part in my first talks event at Google Campus, to share her insights on life as a working creative….


Just a Few Reasons to Visit The Lomography Store

Do you know what I find funny? The fact that you can take a photo on your phone, open it in Instagram, slap a filter on it, save it to your camera roll, send it to a tiny printer and print off a shiny photo that looks like it was taken with a plastic camera. I discovered the world of Lomography just over 10 years ago, thanks to a friend and an amazing photographer’s portfolio that I stumbled across via MySpace and I’ve never been able to find since. These days, I’m heartened to see how the little-known movement has grown…


INTERVIEW: Illustrator Jade Spranklen

Jade Spranklen is an illustrator and 2D animation director known as Sprankenstein. Her wildly imaginative, free-flowing and often spooky style has become a trademark that’s easily recognisable on sites like ASOS and adorning anything from Doctor Martens boots to skate decks. Jade has been working as a freelance image maker for the past few years and recently joined us at our first community talks event as one of our inspiring speakers, sharing her journey as a UK-based creative with our young audience at Google Campus. Now, we’re catching up with her to ask her about her collaborative projects with the likes of Sony,…

oxfam stories of hope

A Story of Hope for Winter: I’m #WithOxfam

Here at YOUNG GOLD TEETH we’re counting down to Christmas, but it’s not all tinsel and gift lists on our minds. Having taken part in some truly inspiring events this month, our dedication to social enterprises and worthy causes has been allowed to grow and we’re turning our attention to the ways we can give back over the festive season. We’ve therefore teamed up with Oxfam to share a story with you, one that celebrates and supports creativity and sheds light on how commitment to a craft has the power to turn lives around. In this story, we follow Burundi-born Ndayizeye…

shore projects

INTERVIEW: The Creators of Shore Projects

Happy accidents are blissful. They’re part of what makes life enjoyable and give us cause to nod to something or other in appreciation of new and insightful discoveries. Running YGT generally means that my quota of happy accidents is fortuitously higher than that of most. My time is filled with stumbling across amazing new things by way of tip-offs from friends of friends or referrals from creatives that I meet on my travels. Coming across Shore Projects was one of these happy accidents and I was lucky enough to catch up with one of the team responsible for the company’s…

cred jewellery

INTERVIEW: The Creators of Cred Ethical Jewellery

Cred Jewellery is a big name, though not for the reasons you’d expect. A little-known organisation as far as glossy mags and fashion bloggers are concerned, Cred happen to be the UK’s original 100% fairtrade jewellery company. Cred have been doing things responsibly, creating beautiful ethical jewellery for years, doing things right, even when nobody’s watching. It’s a sad reality that most of the time, when we buy something sparkly, we give little or no thought to where it came from, who mined the materials to make it, and at what cost. Today’s jewellery industry is huge but Cred is challenging existing standards, encouraging…