Meet Olga Kott The Photographer Hooked on Accidental Beauty

Olga Kott is a multidisciplinary photographer and image-maker based in London. When she’s not delivering talks to inspire the next generation of creatives, shooting on site with brands and magazines, or creating self-directed work as part of Olga & Kay, Olga travels to all manner of new places in search of inspiration. Having joined me as a speaker at YOUNG GOLD TALKS last year, I caught up with Olga to find out what she’s been working on since then and what a day in the life of a professional photographer looks like… Why photography? How did you discover that you loved…


The Sublime Photography of Lenara Choudhury

Lenara Choudhury is a freelance fashion photographer whose perfect no-frills images have occupied the pages of the best and brightest indie mags, shop fronts and lookbooks over the last couple of years. A soft blend of relaxed forms and clean edges usually in black and white, her work explores everything from the subtle movement of the human body to bold architectural shapes and contrasting natural textures. Shooting unique portraits with both film and digital, Lenara’s photography is stark without seeming harsh and beautiful without being cliched or saccharine. She has, it seems, a very natural affinity with the camera. Originally from Southampton Lenara made…


Just a Few Reasons to Visit The Lomography Store

Do you know what I find funny? The fact that you can take a photo on your phone, open it in Instagram, slap a filter on it, save it to your camera roll, send it to a tiny printer and print off a shiny photo that looks like it was taken with a plastic camera. I discovered the world of Lomography just over 10 years ago, thanks to a friend and an amazing photographer’s portfolio that I stumbled across via MySpace and I’ve never been able to find since. These days, I’m heartened to see how the little-known movement has grown…

The Magnum Home: A Pop-Up Exhibition and Three Unmissable Events

This moth, Plinth, Magnum Photos and publisher Thames & Hudson are set to open the doors to The Magnum Home, a brilliant pop-up space that combines show-stopping interior design with inspiring photography from the Magnum archive. Located in a listed Georgian townhouse, just opposite the British Museum, the show is the culmination of a curatorial collaboration between Enow Eshun, creator of Made You Look: Dandyism and Black Masculinity, and Yinka Ilori, a designer and interior curator whose distinctive style draws on anything from Nigerian parables to London’s markets. The Magnum Home will house a full-scale exhibition comprised of shots from the Magnum archive titled Just Kids: Magnum…


Why I Love Intern Magazine and Everything It Stands For

Providing a prudent and clever look at contemporary culture and those that stoke and motivate it, Intern Magazine was founded on the simple and fundamental belief that young people are the future. The publication, a sleek and beautifully designed package of fresh ideas and unique projects, presents a fair, frank and balanced view of the creative industries and the world of work. By drawing on the experiences and points of view of a variety of people, from employers to interns themselves from around the world, the magazine succeeds in presenting a balanced and compelling discourse on a relatively controversial set of themes….